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About Salt Shakerz

Matthew 25 Alive Ministry (also known as Outreach) is committed to making a difference in the community by improving the environment around us. At the core of our ministry is Outreach, which is also one of the seven bedrock principles of LATRIM. The Ministry serves diligently to provide those in need with food, hygiene items, and resources for education, employment, housing, utilities, medical insurance, etc. Being Kingdom minded, the Ministry strives to share a message of support, hope, destiny, and purpose to the lives that are touched, in accordance with Matthew25:35-36


As part of Life @ the River, it is one of our Bedrock Principles to touch the lost and those in need through Outreach. Outreach is at the heart of God and our goal is to model His heart at Life @ the River and in the community. Outreach is designed to help adults & families attain economic self-sufficiency through Education, Job Readiness Programs and Community Outreach initiatives. Outreach is an integral part of how LATRIM impacts the areas surrounding Jacksonville. It is our desire to impact many more, as our ministry is continually blessed with growth. If you have questions about our Outreach ministry in the Jacksonville area, please call 904-365-8944.


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